About Us

Welcome to DECENTRALMART – The Online Store That Holds The Key To The Crypto Future!

 If you are here, you already know that decentralization is the future of computing, of finance, of the Internet. It’s the future of our world. Put simply, decentralization allows people to create, store, transfer and receive value from anyone in the entire world…without the need for assistance or costly middlemen.

Right at the center of decentralization is the cryptocurrency exchange market and the truth is that almost to this day, the crypto community has been lurking anonymously in the shadows, never quite reaching the recognition and understanding it deserves. After all, it has changed, it is changing and it will change the lives of millions of people worldwide, yet most people have never even heard of it – and that’s exactly why we are here!

 We are here representing the crypto community with our trendy and unique crypto designs. From T-shirts and hoodies to smartphone cases and wall clocks, all our items are the embodiment of everything that crypto stands for, as they are designed by our very community members. And that’s why we are always moving with the trends instead of fighting against them. We are moving forward to the future, instead of dwelling in the past.

 Making Crypto World, The Real World

 Perhaps the crypto community has been on the sidelines from the day the word Bitcoin was first uttered. Perhaps people are having a hard time trusting in something that is not tangible, something that they cannot touch. That is why we feel the world needs more awareness and more knowledge on all things crypto. Understanding it means accepting it and it all begins by spreading the word around.

Feel free to browse our wide selection of unique items, pick a few things that you like and add them to your basket.  Although we are not a family in the conventional sense, we aim to treat every single customer as part of our crypto family! Get in touch with us if you have any questions or ideas and we will be thrilled to discuss them with you.

We are fully prepared to give TO the world before getting anything back from it, which is why your support and motivation are highly appreciated!